Survive The Peace - Cyprian Ekwensi

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Cyprian Ekwensi is one of Africa's master story tellers. He was born in Minna in Northern Nigeria in 1921, and educated in Ibadan, Ghana, and London. He taught biology and chemistry in Nigeria before joining the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation where he became Head of Features. 

James Odugo, Radio-Journalist, quickly finds out that to survive the peace after the Biafran war takes more guts and resilience than to survive the civil war itself. Confusion reigns as he and Vic, a woman announcer, flee the radio station to try reach his wife and children. But the war has smashed his marriage and peace provides no lasting relationship with Vic. In this moving and mature novel, Cyprian Ekwensi takes us back to those tragic days with the skill of the fine story-teller that he is.

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