Spurred Surprises - Lami Adejoh Opawale

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Spurred Surprises is a children's book.

When three young girls from vastly different backgrounds are brought together at a prestigious Nigerian school, they learn a lesson they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Adventurous, free-spirited Mina, a Hausa girl from Northern Nigeria looks forward to her time at the revered school, hopeful that its reputation as a place that promotes national unity will hold true.

Brilliant Igala girl Inikpi looks forward to her time at the school known for its academic excellence.

Moremi, a sassy Yoruba heiress and talented drummer knows what an amazing opportunity it is for her to attend Prestigious Malimbe College Lokoja, but she never expected just how much it would change her life and her perspective.

Brought together due to their academic excellence, these three young girls fully come together after discovering a rare tortoise and forced to either learn to set their differences aside or risk achieving desired changes. Can these curious and brave girls learn to work together, while also asserting their independence and embracing the good in others?

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