Iyafoods - Grilled Steak African Seasoning (No Peanuts)

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GRILLED STEAK SUYA (No Peanuts) - 2.82 oz

Suya grilled steak is the most popular street food in Nigeria, West Africa.

Suya seasoning is used as rub on spicy beef skewers & enjoyed straight from the grill with onions & tomatoes in a burrito style wrap.

Its satisfying savory quality adds that extra bit of flavor needed to complement but not overwhelm the natural juices of your meat, fish or protein.

USES: Rub for delicious grilled steak, chicken or fish

To make suya grilled steak–

  1. Completely coat the beef, fish, chicken, goat or lamb with seasoning.
  2. Place on skewers (alternate with onions, tomato and pepper slices if desired).
  3. Broil or grill as desired – serve hot with a refreshing chilled drink.

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